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Health is a valuable asset. With our products we want to help you to stay healthy, become healthy, or at least to better cope with handicaps. Therefore trendglas JENA offers a number of items in its product range that are specially designed to meet this requirement.


• All our products meet the highest standards and are manufactured exclusively with quality assurance according to ISO 9001.

• European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has confirmed that our borosilicate glassware contain no allergens or any other harmful substances.

• This heat-resistant glass is produced using the most advanced equipment in Europe in compliance with the food laws of Germany and the European Union. It contains no toxic or harmful substances.

• Thanks to their excellent properties, the glass items are also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies.

• Improved handling of the products enhances their suitability for people with physical disabilities.


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CLASSIC 1.75 G water kettle
Product code 111007
NOVA 1.2  water kettle
Product code 105051
Cup NOVA duo
Product code 210625
Bowl DUO 0.4
Product code 300814
Bowl DUO 1.0
Product code 300821
Product code 211004
VESUV water kettle
Product code 127008
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