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Aerating your coffee - coffee guide from Perfect Daily


A professional article on a very interesting topic was published in Perfect Daily Magazin, which deals with the use, properties and advantages of the special coffee maker ChemAir, developed for CHEMEX in cooperation with Trendglas and the four-time Hungarian barista champion Attila Molnár.

The trademarked development is also available in Trendglas' own portfolio, the BARI X was created by further developing the popular BARI coffee maker.

The development was designed to allow the user to change the taste of the coffee to their liking. The differences are significant and the changes are huge. As people's moods change, so do their preferences and inclinations, and so do their tastes.

Of course, this product is also made from the heat-resistant borosilicate glass (made in Germany) with the excellent specifications you are used to.

→ Read the article here.




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