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Our borosilicate glass 3.3 is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids and acid mixtures, and to chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances. Its chemical resistance is superior to that of most metals and other materials, even during prolonged periods of exposure and at temperatures above 100 °C.
Only hydrofluoric acid, concentrated phosphoric acid and strong alkali cause appreciable surface removal of the glass (glass corrosion) at elevated temperatures (>100 °C).

Chemical Composition:

81    % by weight    SiO2
13    % by weight    B2O3
4      % by weight    Na2O+ K2O
2      % by weight    AI2O3

Chemical Resistanze:

Hydrolytic resistance class (DIN ISO 719)   Class 1
Acid class (DIN 12 116)                             Class 1
Alkali class (DIN ISO 695)                         Class 2

Physical properties:

The maximum temperature for short-term use for our glass is 500 °C.
Our glass can be cooled down to the maximum possible negative temperature (approx. -196 °C). In general our glass products are recommended for use down to -70 °C. In practice, therefore, stepwise cooling and heating are recommended.
Our glass products are heat resistant, suitable for use in microwave, microwave grill, dishwasher and stove.
Our glass products do not give off any substances and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. Easy to clean and hyienic in use through the pore-free surface. Our glass products offer a variety of application possibilities: baking and cooking, preparing and serving, cooling and freezing (down to -35 °C/-31 °F). Show a high resistance to sudden temperature changes with a temperature difference of 150 °C/302 °F (three times as high as normal glass or lead crystal glass). Are menufactured from clear borosilikate glass which is free of smell and flavour, does not discolor and shows high chemical and mechanikal resistance. Come in superior and functional product design for an optimal preparation of beverages and meals. Our glass products are most suitable as an individual and creative gift idea...

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