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CLASSIC 1.75 G water kettle
  • CLASSIC 1.75 G water kettle
  • CLASSIC 1.75 G water kettle
  • CLASSIC 1.75 G water kettle

CLASSIC 1.75 G water kettle

with glass lid, 1.75 l.

Product code: 111007
Volume in liter: 1.75
SU: G 1
SU/pallet: 144
Size (H/W/D) in mm: 162 x 220 x 164
Material: heat resistant glass

The classic water kettle is reminiscent of traditional kettles. 1.75 l size, comfortable, easy-grip big handle, light pouring.

Available with two types of roofs: glass or stainless steel.

Its specialty that you can watch your water go from cold to boiling. A great clear glass water kettle can be used to boil water for teas, and coffee as well.

Many people are surprised, but it is true: The Trendglas water kettles can be applied for all conventional stove types: gas, electric, glass-ceramic. You can use our articles made of heat-resistant glass directly on stove tops or gas flames if the contents are exclusively aqueous liquids.

This product has many great features:

- it's non-harmful, hygenic, dissolves nothing

- it stricts European production standards

- it's made of heat-resistant glass

- it's pharmaceutical glass

- it's high quality and airy light.

Absolute easy to clean and totally dishwasher safe. The limescale can't deposit on its surface. The lid can be reordered.

Plus info: The lettering print is not on the removable sticker but on the kettle itself.

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