3T by Trendglas

Within the 3T brand, our aim is to complement our traditional coffee habits, to make them more professional, and to put new possibilities in the hands of consumers.

The cooperation between László Csonka (CEO of Csonka és Fiai Ltd. with 40 years of production experience and the dynamically developing Trendglas Jena brand) and Attila Molnár (4x Hungarian champion, WBC World Championship finalist) barista is the basis of the professional knowledge that will launch the 3T brand.

In choosing the name, we went back to the basics, drinks (coffee, tea ...), and how to make them.
Apart from the beans used to make the coffee, their roasting and grinding, the two most important factors in the preparation process are the first 2T,
From this, the final TASTE is formed. They thus form an inseparable unit: 3T.



At the start, two completely new products were developed, taking into priority the needs of both professional users (baristas) and conscious coffee consumers to make the coffee drinking experience more enjoyable. An important goal in the development of the Bari X coffeeserver was to create a taste experience very close to cupping in elegant catering venues. This way, when tasting, the flavour of the coffee is almost as close as possible to the professionals' technique, leaving out the loud "sipping".

This gives baristas a tool that, by spinning the coffee in the server, in other words by intensively oxygenating it, brings out ever-changing new flavours and acids, making it more complex, shortening the waiting time and skipping the step of tasting it from the spoon.

Our goal was not to find out which coffee tastes better, the one from the classic server or the one from the Bari X What we've developed is to allow the maker of the coffee or the consumer to change the flavour if they wish.

The difference is significant, and the change is huge, because as people's moods change, so do their tastes, and so do their preferences for different flavours of coffee.

Here you can find the impressions of some experts.

We were delighted to be joined in the development by one of the best known and oldest pour over brands, Chemex. Of course, we already knew the Chemex coffee makers well, as we have been working with the American brand for years in the production of Chemex equipment.

Thus, two different bodies covering both main directions of pour over technologies have been developed in parallel. If you are interested in the new version of Chemex, the ChemAer, please visit the website of Chemex.

The development of the Drops Coffee Brewer was interesting from the point of view of trying to create a brewer at Attila's request, in which the coffee is brewed from the entire vertical of the coffee grounds, as far as possible. To do this, it is important that not only through the bottom but also the sides of the filter paper should flow with the right amount of coffee. All this involved a lot of sampling, testing, and tasting, which was technically made possible by our most advanced laser technology. With the help of the laser, we were able to cut the holes very precisely and reproducibly at the right height and width, and thus ensure the right flow surface for the coffee.

How to use our products:

When using the Drops Coffee Brewer, we recommend using good quality paper (e.g. Chemex). Dampen the paper with hot water, which will also rinse the coffeeserver at the same time. Put the usual amount coffee in the filter and prepare your coffee.

We suggest you for the first test: 30g coffee / 450g hot water (95c / 130tds) brewing time 03:30 (includes 40sec pre wetting with 80g water)

You can make your coffee even more perfect and varied by using the Bari X coffeeserver. Of course, the Bari X server cannot only be used with the Trendglas Drops Coffee Brewer, but we recommend it anyway.

When the coffee is ready, spin the decanter so that the liquid spins counter-clockwise. Then the X-shaped marks in the decanter will cause the coffee to be thrown, multiplying the surface area in contact with the air. Oxygen in the air does the magic for us, gradually changing the taste of the coffee. Of course, the intense contact with the air also cools the coffee more quickly, bringing it to an enjoyable temperature much sooner.

If you are interested in our products, if you are a wholesailer, retailer ... you can order them in our webshop (after login/registration).

If you are an end user, look for them in our first two partners' webstores:




Check out Attila's tips:

Our tip is to do the test at home, which we have done many times. Take a couple of cups and, when the coffee is ready, pour a small tasting amount into the first cup, spin for about 15-20 seconds, and then pour into the second cup. Continue spinning for a short time and pouring another sample as you wish, then taste the differently oxygenated coffees one after the other. In our tests, we have of course found that coffees from different areas and with different roasts react differently to oxygen enrichment, so the flavours can vary from coffee to coffee.

Who is Attila Molnár?
His best result at the Word Barista Championship (WBC) was to be a finalist in 2009 in Atlanta. Meantime he became four times Hungarian National Barista Champion.