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Bari X coffee server 1.3
  • Bari X coffee server 1.3
  • Bari X coffee server 1.3
  • Bari X coffee server 1.3
  • Bari X coffee server 1.3

Bari X coffee server 1.3

Glass server with aerator


Product code: 127404
Volume in liter: 1.3
SU: G1
SU/pallet: 144
Size (H/W/D) in mm: 144/166/150
Material: heat resistant glass


The Bari X server is a product that makes the coffee drinking experience more enjoyable for both professional users (baristas) and conscious coffee consumers.


An important goal in the development of the Bari X coffeeserver was to create a taste experience very close to cupping in elegant catering venues. This way, when tasting, the flavour of the coffee is almost as close as possible to the professionals' technique, leaving out the loud "sipping".


This gives baristas a tool that, by spinning the coffee in the server, in other words by intensively oxygenating it, brings out ever-changing new flavours and acids, making it more complex, shortening the waiting time and skipping the step of tasting it from the spoon.


Our goal was not to find out which coffee tastes better, the one from the classic server or the one from the Bari X What we've developed is to allow the maker of the coffee or the consumer to change the flavour if they wish.

The difference is significant, and the change is huge, because as people's moods change, so do their tastes, and so do their preferences for different flavours of coffee.

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