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Coffeemaker BRASIL I LA
  • Coffeemaker BRASIL I LA
  • Coffeemaker BRASIL I LA

Coffeemaker BRASIL I LA

With a glass strainer holder (8 cups).

Product code: 123048
Volume in liter: 1.2
SU: G1
SU/pallet: 105
Size (H/W/D): 256 x 165 x 150
Material: heat resistant glass


Are you considering to buy a pour-over coffeemaker? The Brasil is one of the best-selling, most practical coffee makers. Meet him and enjoy the true black taste. This combines a pour-over filter cone with a beautiful glass decanter.

The waisted glass shape and the glass or stainless steel filter result in an excellent coffee. The special shape of the filter with its large bottom opening allows an even extraction of the coffee and the aromas are released more intensively.

An excellent choice for everybody who is looking for the non-Average!

Even in this case, the heat-resistant glass material is easy to clean and durable.
Includes kettle and strainer holder.

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