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Oil and vinegar bottle
  • Oil and vinegar bottle
  • Oil and vinegar bottle

Oil and vinegar bottle


Product code: 300302
Volume in liter: 0.5
SU: IV 1
SU/pallet: 240
Size (H/W/D) in mm: 248 x 105 x 105
Material: heat resistant glass

Our bottles of oil and vinegar are not only very trendy, but they are also very useful in the kitchen.

If you've been thinking about buying one for a long time, here's a great time! Our decorative oil and vinegar bottles make your dining table and kitchen counter look perfect and they are practical too. 

If you cook with olive oil or any oil, you will require an oil dispenser that releases just the right amount of oil and doesn’t completely drench everything in it. In addition, these are excellent for liquid seasoning in the kitchen like sesame, olive oil, cooking wine etc.

In these bottles, vinegar can be served in a refined yet highly convenient way.

You won't be disappointed with Trendglas quality!

Available in different sizes: 0.1, 0.25 and 0.5 liter

Made of Borosilicate Glass, so do not give off any substances and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Store and pour your favorite oil and vinegar with these glass bottles.

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