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Mug OFFICE dot
  • Mug OFFICE dot
  • Mug OFFICE dot

Mug OFFICE dot

Without decor.

Product code: 211301
Volume in liter: 0.4
SU: IV 1
SU/pallet: 616
Size (H/W/D) in mm: 102 x 115 x 83
Material: heat resistant glass

Simple but great cup. With straight lines and tricky ears, it is the favorite of most customers.
This is a smaller version with 0,4 l capacity, but we have a larger version, the XL.
It is ideal for office work, you don't have to stand up often, because of its size. OFFICE dot is deal for serving a huge cup of coffee with milk or also refreshing lemonade or other beverages.
Made from borosilicate glass which is a heat resistant glass. Naturally, it is microwave-, dishwasher-, and stove-safe.

Pair it with our glass straw for a premium, unique, health and environmentally conscious experience.

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