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Teapot PISA 1.2
  • Teapot PISA 1.2

Teapot PISA 1.2

With lid and stainless steel strainer.

Product code: 119003
Volume in liter: 1.2
SU: G1
SU/pallet: 266
Size (H/W/D) in mm: 180/163/100
Material: heat resistant glass

Simple little jug with straight lines. Its exterior is similar to a mug, which we have made extra with a spout. A very practical choice for your kitchen. You can choose from two sizes (0.6 l and 1.2 l) with an easy-to-clean stainless steel filter.

The borosilicate glass as a heat resistant glass is also used to produce laboratory equipment, so it is perfect for you. The glass might seem fragile, but it is really excellent material for crafting teapots.

it’s is heat-resistant, which means microwave-, dishwasher-, and stove-safe, also.

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