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Teapot KANDO 1.2 S
  • Teapot KANDO 1.2 S

Teapot KANDO 1.2 S

With lid and stainless steel strainer.

Product code: 109011
Volume in liter: 1.2
SU: G 1
SU/pallet: 90
Size (H/W/D): 131 x 227 x 180
Material: heat resistant glass

The extraordinary design of the teapot, coupled with its excellent functionality, instantly captures your heart. The KANDO teapot is a really must-have item to every friendly home.

With a capacity of 1.2 liters, it is perfect for family breakfasts and afternoon gatherings with friends.

Look at these fine lines… It seems so fragile, but actually it’s suitable for everyday use. Crafted from borosilicate glass- it’s is heat-resistant, which means microwave-, dishwasher-, and stove-safe, also.

Moreover, it will surely not affect the taste of your family’s tea.

This teapot is available with a traditional glass filter or a handy stainless steel strainer. With the stainless steel filter you get a completely transparent tea pot body, inside with a metalic filter. The flat glass lid makes it simple and clean.

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