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Teapot Nova+ 0,6 G

Teapot Nova+ 0,6 G

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With lid and glass strainer.

Product code: 104023
Volume in liter: 0.6
SU: G1
SU/pallet: 266
Size (H/W/D): 99x192x135
Material: heat resistant glass

The Nova teapot is a classic piece that has been spiced up with a few drills by our company in a more modern shape. The beak spout makes filling easier. It is a perfect choice for everyday life!
Crafted from borosilicate glass- it’s is heat-resistant, which means microwave-, dishwasher-, and stove-safe, also.
Moreover, it will surely not affect the taste of your family’s tea.
This teapot is available with a traditional glass filter or a handy stainless steel strainer.

We offer two sizes.

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